Oyku Uner

I graduated from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey with a B.A. in Psychology in 2015. In Fall 2015, I joined the Memory Lab at Washington University in St. Louis as a graduate student.

My research interests include topics in human learning and memory such as educational applications of cognitive psychology and metacognition. My research projects investigate the effects of different test formats and test placements on retention of previously studied materials, of related but not studied information, and of erroneous information. I have also studied the qualitative experience of remembering (e.g., recollection, familiarity, confidence), specifically how our retrieval experience changes depending on the cues with which we retrieve.

Email: uner@wustl.edu
CV: Download


Roediger, H. L., III, Tekin, E., & Uner, O. (2017). Encoding-retrieval interactions. In J.W. Wixted, Cognitive Psychology of Memory, Vol. 2 of Learning and memory: A comprehensive reference, 2nd ed., Byrne, J.H. (Ed.) (5-26). Oxford: Academic Press.

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