Abhilasha Kumar

Abhilasha_photoI received my Integrated M.Tech in Mathematics and Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in 2009, and my MA (Honors) in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Computer Science & Psychology from Ashoka University in 2016.
My research interests revolve around word retrieval processes, autobiographical memory and naming deficits. Previously, I studied name retrieval through computerized text-based analysis of naturalistic stimuli in the form of emails, to understand the lexical characteristics of familiar names. I am also interested in the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon, age-related differences in name retrieval, and word retrieval difficulties in patients of Alzheimer Disease and aphasia.  
  • Kumar, A.A., Rosen, A.C., Piratla, V., Hangal, S. (submitted). Will I Remember Your Name? Cognitive Experiments with Life-logs (CELL), a New Approach to Study Name Retrieval, ACM CHI 2017


  • Kumar, A. A., Rosen A.C., Piratla, V., Hangal, S. (2016). Cognitive Experiments on Life-Logs (CELL): A New Approach to Study Recall of Personally Familiar Proper-Names using Emails, International Conference on Memory (ICOM-6), Budapest, Hungary.